Co-ordinated by David Donohoe, Rainfear is a loose arrangement of improvising musicians from Dublin, Ireland. Currently comprising David Donohoe, Fergus Cullen, David Lacey and Peter Maybury it can operate as any iteration of the four from individual solo to quartet. It is also open to the addition of any number of other musicians.

David Donohoe

David Donohoe is an artist, musician and graphic designer working with photography, video, text, music and sound. His music practice is focused on improvisation based on modal structures. He is interested in music as a response to the immediate moment. Currently performing live using four synthesizers, a sampler and a reed organ, he restricts himself to a limited number of scales and modes, aiming for a visceral tonality drawing on traditional folk music, early music and free jazz. He has released music on D1 Recordings, Minimise, Fällt, Force-Inc, Mille-Plateaux and 9pt. He also publishes artist's books, multiples and other limited editions.

Fergus Cullen

Fergus Cullen started playing piano when he was young then switched to electric guitar so he could make a much louder and more annoying noise. Years later a friend made a compilation tape of free jazz music including Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders. He was mesmerized not by the notes as such but by the energy and the noise of the horns. So he started using a friend's clarinet for extended solos (squeaks and squawks) while playing with Dublin band Papercop (RIP). Upon delving into jazz and horn music even further he discovered Eric Dolphy.. So his mind was made up to try and make some sounds with bass clarinet. These days Fergus also plays with European Sensoria Band (who have toured Socotra and Lady's Island extensively) and organizes the monthly improv night 'Concrete Soup' with trombonist Colm O' Hara.

David Lacey

David Lacey is a musician from Dublin. He uses drumset, crude electronics, found objects and cassettes. He plays regularly with Rob Casey, Fergus Kelly, Cian Nugent and Paul Vogel and in the bands Chip Shop Music and Legion of Two. Previous collaborations include Rhodri Davies, Annette Krebs, Keith Rowe and Mark Wastell. Since 2005, he has been a co-curator of the i-and-e festival of improvised and contemporary music. Recent projects have included a duo with Patrick Farmer and a two-band collaboration between Chip Ship Music and Barcelona trio Atalon.

Peter Maybury

Peter Maybury (MA) works as an artist, graphic designer, and musician. His creative practice centres around the arts and culturally related projects, producing books and catalogues, identities and websites, self-published books, works for exhibition, video works, and sound recordings. He has designed and produced numerous art and architecture publications, and this work has been featured in key design publications including the seminal Emigre magazine. He has worked with clients in Ireland, England, Belgium and the United States. Peter has released recordings with Emigré Music, Sub Rosa and Fällt, and collaborates on two music projects - "Thread Pulls", and "Rainfear". He curates the "Messages Sonores" sound art project, which has included collaborations with improvising musician Toshimaru Nakamura, and artist Marie-Pierre Richard. With Dennis McNulty he co-curated the 'Underground' music exhibition, Dublin, 2008. Peter collaborated with dePaor architects on the "Delay" project first shown in "The Lives of Spaces" at the Venice Architectural Biennale, 2008. Peter was one of the curators of the Irish Pavilion, 12th Architecture Biennale, Venice 2010, alongside architects Tom dePaor, Alice Casey and Cian Deegan.